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7001 396th Dr SE
Snoqualmie, Washington 98065
NW Region
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About Us

The best drivers are able to drive on any surface, at any time, in any weather. DirtFish teaches car control, confidence, and safety behind the wheel, through advanced driving techniques built from the roots of rally. From fifteen years of age with a learner’s permit, all the way up to the sophisticated age of 85, we teach everyone! With instructors from a multitude of driving backgrounds, we cater to all disciplines to enhance their driving ability; whether it is a mom that wants the confidence to drive her children to school in the winter, a stunt driver who needs more seat time to practice their various skills on multiple surfaces, or a professional road racer looking to gain better control on the track.

Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in the scenic town of Snoqualmie, WA, DirtFish Rally School was established in 2010 with the idea that the exciting sport of rally should be accessible to everyone. Armed with an immaculate fleet of turbocharged, all-wheel-drive cars, right from the beginning DirtFish was equipped to share with anyone the excitement of what a real rally car can do on a loose surface. In the fall of 2014, DirtFish embellished their offerings with the launch of rear-wheel drive programs. Similar in nature to the all-wheel drive programs, the precise and very sideways action the classes offer provides an entirely different challenge for drivers of every background. Ever since, DirtFish has become the most prestigious rally school in North America, providing the highest level of instruction, top level cars and gorgeous facilities all year round.

With the success of our classes and corporate events, it was time for DirtFish to expand. We decided that the next natural step for us was to break into motorsports and competition. DirtFish Motorsports was born in late 2014, and 2015 was the first year we started competing in the Cascadia International Rally Championship and the Red Bull Global Rallycross Lites series. 

In just a few years, DirtFish has matured into more than just a rally school… DirtFish has grown into a brand that is recognized around the world. With a team of passionate enthusiasts keen on developing the best of everything, there is no limit to what the future holds. The next developments will be every bit as exciting!


Turbocharge Your Next Group Event

DirtFish offers the perfect backdrop for team building activities and corporate events. We are open seven days per week, year-round and nothing tops a team building event more than making mud fly and gravel spray! We guarantee that your team will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and empowered!


What does a Team Building Event look like at DirtFish?

  • Your team learns rally car driving skills with on-course training in one of our race-tuned rally cars!
  • The McRae Conference Center is yours for meetings, lunchtime gatherings or a social hour at the end of the day to celebrate your rally graduation!
  • We offer all the necessary tools for meetings - Wi-Fi, Audio/Visual Equipment, etc.
  • We work with you to provide catering and other personal touches.
  • Our on-site staff is there to ensure your team building activity or corporate event goes off without a hitch.

Group Booking Tips

  • The ideal custom group event size ranges from 10 to 48 drivers within a single day
  • Thursdays and Fridays are typically reserved for corporate and group bookings
  • Available dates are first come first serve
  • Multiple group program and price options available
  • Full payment due at the time of booking.

Why Choose DirtFish For Your Next Team Building Event

From globally spanning corporations to military to law enforcement, teams of all kinds have found DirtFish Rally School to be the perfect destination for their team building and training. Names familiar to the Seattle-area like Amazon, Microsoft, Costco, and Boeing have all used rally driving as a team building exercise!

We are the perfect choice for companies looking to host a team building event or company outing. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping participants improve their driving skills and communicate closely. Our on-site facilities and amenities are spacious, comfortable, and capable of handling groups and events of all sizes.

Our team building programs and events are highly customizable, ensuring that they meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with your team or a more intensive team building program, we have something for everyone.

We are also committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. Our rally cars are specially designed for rally driving, with roll cages, racing seats, and safety harnesses to ensure that participants are protected at all times. In addition, our instructors are highly trained and experienced, providing participants with the guidance and support they need to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

No space list available for this Venue.
No space list available for this Venue.